The fight between the light and the dark. There isn`t probably a motive more ancient than this in the human mind. Through ancient stories and modern myths, it captures us. It divides us. Which one are you – good or bad?

Is it really that simple though? That you decide to be good and you suddenly are. My color has always been the rebellious black – from early childhood chess lessons with grandpa. Oh, how I loved to be the black! Strangely, what I remember best from these games is the black queen – with a pearl white crown. Contradiction is what mesmerizes.

Perhaps contradiction is what created Art Deco. Circular versus rectangular, sharp yet soft, shiny and matte, patterns or monotone colors – all at once. In essence Art Deco is nothing more or less than a reflection of the Universe – all at once finding it`s balance. And humans are the children of the Universe.

So how weird is it that when we see Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader cross their lightsabers we side with only one of them, we want one of them to win. Is it Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader? You`ll choose which ever you want to be… Or simply another movie, another story to live. But you`ll choose – or life will choose for you.

So, I can`t help but wonder. Did you choose light when you had no darkness in your soul? Or took the inner Darth Vader his mask off already a long time ago and you didn`t want to see his face in the mirror no more? Did you choose darkness when you couldn`t see the light or when it was too hot in the Sun? After all, sunshine without occasional darkness is a flaming hell where even the darkest of us don`t want to burn.

Through the Star Wars trilogy Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader travel together. Just as suns travel through the vast darkness of the Universe. There isn`t a contradiction, only a story.

But a story wouldn`t be a story without contradiction. Written in black and white as the saying goes… Neither Darth Vader nor Luke Skywalker wouldn`t have much of a Star Wars without each other. Now Darth Skywalker on the other hand, that is the story of Art Deco! Contrast as if there is no contrast.

Didn`t I just contradict myself?


But contradicting myself isn`t a nice thing to do… It`s not nice to others. How would someone know if I`m light or darkness, in their team or the black queen? “With a pearl white crown,” may I add in my defense… Someone of contradiction can`t be trusted.

Perhaps it is also not nice to myself? Choose, or life will choose for you… Either black or white, knowing who you are is a rare certainty in uncertain times.

So it could be that you`ve chosen so well that you no longer see Darth Vader lurking behind the mask of Luke Skywalker, or your Darth Vader couldn`t take his mask off even if you wanted to – it is stuck! Or did life choose because you didn`t? Let the die be cast!

What if I told you that from now on the choice is mine and I`ll be the white queen! Would you believe me? Or would you do as I did – go looking for the shadow of the black queen? Either way you`d be creating contradiction. If you believe me, you also believe that there is another choice - darkness. If you don`t believe me, you don`t believe in existence without inner contradiction.

But being stuck with contradiction no matter what, is for some of us as if being stuck with no choice at all. It is losing while winning. If you`re someone very empathetic, you lose together with the one you win. If you`re someone who only cares about winning, you`ve already lost everyone you will ever win. In the game of contradiction even a white king could sacrifice his queen for victory over the black king.

“Is there another way?” A rebellious black king could ask. “Perhaps every single tone and color between darkness and light…” A dreamer would reply. As extremes are a no man`s land where most of us never dwell. Only dreamers, utterly evil dragons and most noble of dragon killers do.

So where do most of us dwell? Perhaps in the land of easy answers where we let others set the balance for good and evil in our lives - just enough good to be accepted, just enough evil to be left alone. Get too good and we`ll come for your shadow! Get too evil and we`ll push you even deeper into darkness! If lucky, one could become a saint in the aftermath and the other an inspiration for the next Darth Vader character - in the land of easy answers difficult questions continue to be answered in cosmic fairytales and secret chess games.

But if the Universe created you as rebellious as they come, easy is not your answer. You could even rebel against contradiction. Because choosing not to choose is different from choosing nothing at all and letting others choose for you. Which one of the two is a more conscious act? I wonder, and I do not know. But I too, want to trick life.

Is balance the trick? I think you already knew we were coming to that question. Taking a little from light, a little from darkness and walking carefully in between, without stumbling to either side. Gracefully avoiding opposition and conflict. Not a circle, nor a square. Understanding doesn`t pick sides.

Living in contradiction to contradiction. The Universes ultimate trick. Checkmate!

And the extremes never stop whispering to us! Especially if you start avoiding them. Of their magic, of a far and unattainable force to be attained in the either end… Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. The darkest black hole, the brightest galaxy, the highest peak…

What if we`ve got it all wrong! What if the Universe doesn`t trick us into contradicting ourselves and others? To losing no matter what we do…

What if the extremes are instead the Universes way to call us to travel? Not to get stuck in the either end, not to fight within a battle we could never win, not to fight others, not to avoid… But to discover our inner colors from the furthest ends - so that in those inner colors we could see the whole Universe reflecting back at us. Choose light and your understanding remains very narrow, choose darkness and your understanding remains very narrow. Let others choose for you and you`ll never know thyself. Choose to contradict contradiction and you`ll never know what darkness and light are truly about - what is balance between the two truly about. But travel the extremes within and you just might get to know the world!


I`m tremendously inspired by astronauts. By their journey into the darkness. Into deep vast loneliness. Contemplating the weight of life. Is my life worth a journey? Is a journey worth more than loved ones? I`m inspired by astronauts leaving behind everyone they love, including themselves. Travelling into death, full of hope and life. How many times does an astronaut take this journey before actually ending up on a spaceship?

Not all of us can go to outer space but all of us can become radical astronauts!


So, I can`t help but wonder… Where do you come from and where do you travel? Are you drifting? Or stuck? Or have you found the Force?