The cosmos. It is truly strange to be inspired by the cosmos, as if the cosmos was something outside of us.. But perhaps we could never be inspired by something which does not resonate within our inner cosmos.

In the cosmos, stars are separated by light years of darkness. For future astronauts it means that incredibly vast distances should be traveled in deep darkness. The term light years became just slightly more intriguing! It also means that the journey through darkness must be embraced, if one wants to see other suns and meet new worlds! And not only the darkness of light years but the darkness of leaving behind the only known home, the Earth, perhaps loved ones, and embracing the unknown. 

ETERNAL SUNSHINE is inspired by the radical astronauts willing to embark on such cosmic journeys! But more so by the realization that becoming a radical astronaut is not only about moving further, away from the Earth, but moving into one`s own world and radically traveling it!
Because only when we become radical astronauts of the inner worlds, can we reach for the stars in the outer space!

Meet Laura. 

A Northern woman means a Northern world. 

A world where the Sun sometimes sets for six cold
months, only to hide for another six more. This Northern woman is constantly searching for the Sun, sunsearch is her journey! Often recognizing it in sparkling eyes, more often looking for it in deep souls. Claiming it within and appreciating it all around. Sharing the sparkle while embracing the journey through cosmic darkness. Laura is a dreamer, a creator. Of magical words and true designs.


In the spring of 2017 there was an idea to create four pairs of earrings for four bright people. A self-built CNC lazer cutter was ready for work. 

The designs were intended to be simple and minimal, at first. But then they got soulful. Each earring design took about a day to create, each design had up to 15 first versions. The theme ETERNAL SUNSHINE was born.

But soulful designs demanded soulful materials. The right kind of plywood - strong enough, thin enough, pierceable enough. Once even sourced from a Spanish yacht craftsman! The right kind of paints - natural earth pigments with different natural oils, tested layers upon layers on different plywood surfaces. Nature truly offers an amazing selection of colors! The right kind of pegs - sterling silver. And, the right kind of packaging - recycled cardboard. The boxes and prints are local Estonian handicraft. 100% plastic free is a soulful wrap!

Searching for the right materials; translating design files into hundreds of CNC test files; painting and waiting for the slow-drying paints to dry; testing, and testing some more; cleaning the cut marks and travelling in space! ETERNAL SUNSHINE had turned into a year long research project and an ever continuing journey...